Team Research

The SKILLS program has generated a large amount of research, conducted by both graduate and undergraduate students and faculty members involved with the program. Below, you can find links to a number of published papers about the program, as well as undergraduate projects and information about a 2014 collaborative research workshop on SKILLS. The program has also inspired a number of Master's theses and doctoral dissertations, which will be added to the list below as they become publicly available.


"On Being Called Out of One’s Name: Indexical Bleaching as a Technique of Deracialization"

Bucholtz, Mary (2016). "On Being Called Out of One’s Name: Indexical Bleaching as a Technique of Deracialization." In H. Samy Alim, John R. Rickford, & Arnetha F. Ball (eds.), Raciolinguistics: How Language Shapes our Ideas about Race. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. 273-290.

"Beyond Empowerment: Accompaniment and Sociolinguistic Justice in a Youth Research Program"

Bucholtz, Mary, Dolores Inés Casillas, and Jin Sook Lee (2016). "Beyond Empowerment: Accompaniment and Sociolinguistic Justice in a Youth Research Program." In Robert Lawson and Dave Sayers (eds.), Sociolinguistic Research: Application and Impact. New York: Routledge. 25-44.

"Team Collaboration and Educational Partnership in Sociocultural Linguistics"

Bucholtz, Mary, Dolores Inés Casillas, and Jin Sook Lee (2015). "Team Collaboration and Educational Partnership in Sociocultural Linguistics." American Speech 90(2): 230-245.

"Sociolinguistic Justice in the Schools: Student Researchers as Linguistic Experts"

Bucholtz, Mary, Audrey Lopez, Allina Mojarro, Elena Skapoulli, ChrisVanderStouwe, and Shawn Warner-Garcia (2014). "Sociolinguistic Justice in the Schools: Student Researchers as Linguistic Experts." Language and Linguistics Compass 8(4): 144-157.

"Teaching Students the SKILLS of Linguistics Research"

Bucholtz, Mary (2013). "Teaching Students the SKILLS of Linguistics Research." In Anne H. Charity Hudley and Christine Mallinson (eds.), We Do Language: Understanding English Language Variation in the Secondary English Classroom. New York: Teachers College Press.

Workshops and Undergraduate Projects